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Korean American Martial Arts

About Us

Korean American Martial Arts holds classes at the Berea Recreation Center allowing us to pass along the savings to our students. We provide traditional martial arts training focusing on a mixture of Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Sil Yong Mu Do.

K.A.M.A. Martial Arts classes provide students with the common values upon which the martial arts instill: honesty, respect, responsibility, integrity,  courage, tolerance, justice, self-confidence, politeness and courtesy.

Benefits of our Martial Arts Program

How to control and direct the focus of your mind

How to use conflict resolution techniques

How to set and achieve goals

How to overcome your fears of failure & success

How to create unstoppable self-confidence

How to achieve and maintain vibrant health & energy

Personal Safety

In a real life self-defense situation, there are no rules, no time limits and no referees. We offer a curriculum that has been proven to effectively address the realities of a "real fight". Rather than teach an array of spectacular techniques that have little or no tactical value or application, we prefer to concentrate on techniques that keep you safe in the face of danger.